chalet gatsby

Located beside the Le Rouge piste, Chalet Gatsby is in fact several properties in one. The apartment building comprises four individual apartments.

Bruchez & Gaillard, one of Verbier's top real estate agencies, commissioned Haute'Xposure as an interior photographer for three of the four apartments.

Filled with traditional chalet style design, these apartments are complimented with the authentic Swiss furniture as carefully selected by the local Verbier interior designers.

Verbier interior photography

Each of the apartments had their own character.

In the attic, the duplex apartment spreads across the two top floors with balconies all around with phenomenal views of Verbier.

On the middle floor, the bedrooms have cozy, built-in wooden beds.

With direct access into the gardens, the ground floor apartment has direct access to the gardens.

Verbier interior photographer
Interior photographer Verbier
Interior photography verbier

This property is available for rent through Bruchez & Gaillard, in Verbier. They requested real estate photography for this multiple property.

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