The story of a photographer

The mountains are my home.

Living in the Swiss Alps, I am surrounded by the beauty of the mountains every day. My environment led me back to photography.

Fascinated by photography and imagery since childhood, my artistic focus veered to the paintings of the Dutch Old Masters. For nearly a decade, I studied and surrounded myself with the work of these realistic painters and storytellers. In time, I became inspired to tell the stories of these creators.

Over the past ten years, I have taught and shared my love of art and art history. Not only instructive for my students, this process has been brought me back to my own passion. A highly trained eye is an essential tool in the photographer's kit box.

As I built my own Swiss chalet, I was inspired by the fine details and stories of other homes and buildings. The art of interior photography was born. With every home, there is a story to tell: lives lived and loves fulfilled.

Haute'Xposure is the culmination of this artistic story.

Angharad Elliott