It's a man's world ...

The interior of Gutstrasse was created by the Zurich-based interior designer, Christine Schumacher 🛋 at Localia Interiors. Walking into this photoshoot, it was immediately evident that this was a man's space; the colours, the lines and this feeling of depth. 

Interior Photographer Zurich Switzerland Chur Saanenland

Up until recently, Christine’s client had lead a fairly nomadic lifestyle, never really having time to settle in one place. Gutstrasse was now his opportunity to grow some roots. 

With a new build apartment on Gutstrasse in Zurich, Christine has brought not only colour but also a lived-in feeling to the property. Colours chosen, carpets sourced and a collection of eclectic accessories create a ready-made home. 

Interior Photographer Zurich Switzerland Chur Saanenland

The living area flows from seating to dining and then to kitchen space, which in turn leads up to the second floor. Each area is defined by a colour. A deep dark petrol blue has an intrinsicly calming effect; accents of warm golds - the bar cart with its vintage soda bottles and a casually thrown throw - bring a lightness to balance the woody brown in the leather easy chair and fabulous rug.

The dining and kitchen space are defined by the olive green kitchen cupboards. Central to this space is a round dining table which allows an easy flow to the staircase. Against the red wall leading upstairs, white vertical beams separate the kitchen and the stairs leading to the next level. It is as if the strong lines of this apartment caught my eye just as much the light.

Interior Photographer Zurich Switzerland Chur Saanenland

At the start of the day before I had even set up, Christine and I were wandering through the apartment: the morning light shone through the shutters leaving their diagonal silhouette across the wall. Those strong lines inspired me. The principal bedroom was otherwise simply decorated in neutral colours with a burst of greenness from a money tree. You’d never guess but the curtains hadn’t yet been installed; we had lots of fun moving them around the windows!!

Interior Photographer Zurich Switzerland Chur Saanenland

With an inner garden on the second floor of this duplex, light flows into the upper level of the apartment. The guest bedroom has an ensuite rooftop terrace. Who needs a bathroom!! Working with a garden designer, Christine strategically placed plants and potted trees alongside the mint green bench.

Interior Photographer Zurich Switzerland Chur Saanenland

The day we shot the apartment, the last red apple had fallen from the tree. I could’ve photoshopped it back on but we placed it on the bench as on offering to the autumn day. 

Interior Photographer Zurich Switzerland

As the light and the day caught up with us, we sat downstairs, had a cup of tea and a biscuit at the dining table. The perfect way to end a perfect day.

Interior Photographer Switzerland Zurich Saanenland architecture architectural photography

Localia Interiors focuses on Boutique Interior Design with hand-picked, independent furnishing advice for busy people. Christina is available to work with you between Lake Constance/Lake Zurich to Chur and beyond, Sarganserland, Zurich, Zug, the Stuttgart area and online everywhere.

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