Property prep list

Ready to rent or sell your house? Wait a second, you'll need to take some photos.

For the best representation when selling your property, chalet photography is one of the best way to promote it. If you are working with an agency, they'll send a photographer but you'll still need to make your property look good. Here in Verbier, the majority of real estate agents working with a photographer specialised in property.

Planning on taking the photos yourself, you'll still want to get the best of all your house. Great photos INCREASE the value of your property!

Chalet bedroom with a view out to Courchevel


Although it might seem self-evident, but do tidy up before the photographer arrives.

Make sure that the kitchen and bathroom are not cluttered up with too many distractions. In a photograph, all those little bottles and other items will draw the eye away from the key focus: the room itself.

Your bedroom may be your personal space. However as these photos will be available on public property search websites, you might want to remove any personal items such as photographs.


Photographing alpine chalets have the advantage of stunning mountains in the background. Not everyone has such a landscape in their background.

There are some key points to remember in order to make your garden look its best. The most important is once again remove as many distractions as possible, particularly any cars from the driveway.

Before your photographer arrives, check the weather. If a sunny day is forecast, put up the terrace parasols or even the deck chairs. You want to show people how much time you can spend outdoors in your garden.

Ski chalet in Verbier on a snowy, sunny day

Prep your property

For the full checklist, you can drop us a DM and we'll shoot it over to you. Otherwise, we're happy to talk you through the process.

If it all seems so overwhelming, we work with home stagers and interior designers to provide the perfect look. For all your real estate photography needs in Suisse Romande, drop us a message.

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