Yeti Lodge is based in Argentiere, Chamonix with fabulous views of the Argentiere Glacier.

The owner, Glenn Rowley, has built the Yeti Lodge complex of four chalets over numerous years. The latest chalet was finished last year. Recently, he updated the other chalets' interiors with a more classic and simple feel using natural tones. It has absolutely transformed the feel of this property. To show off this new look, he wanted new interior photography for his Chamonix chalets to use on his redesigned website.

An avid sportsman and adventurer, Glenn Rowley spends his time divided between Bhutan, Chamonix and Keswick; and so it was his wonderful chalet manager, Wiktoria, who was responsible for this metamorphosis. With local as well as far flung influences, the new look gives the chalets a calming, more modern zen feel.

Yeti Lodge is open through the summer and winter for rental either as entire chalets, or as smaller apartments. It was a great experiencing work with Wiktoria in photographing the interiors of these Chamonix chalets last year.

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